In praise of phones

A while back–years ago, maybe–there was an inter-blog symposium on how bloggers hated talking on the phone. Hated it. Preferred talking on IM or gchat or gmail.

I ask, belatedly, why? Phone calls don’t take much time. You can’t accidentally ignore them, as I often do with IMs and gchats, as I am constantly ignoring my email window to head out of my seat or–shock–talk on the phone.

Radio One: FAIL

Does Skype work? I mean, does it ever? Today I woke up prompt and ready for the legendary America’s Future Foundation podcast, started Skype, and… waited. The glorious free service never informed the other panelists I was online, so they called me on my phone – and because I was waiting by Skype, I had turned down my phone in the other room. By the time I finally contacted them via Skype’s chat feature (which was working) to ask what was up, the show was almost over.

So, all in all, a good start to Sunday. I really, really goddamn hate when technology makes a flake out of me.

Return of the mack

Don’t cry for me, readers. The truth is I never left you. A few months back weird WordPress bugs nibbled away at the moorings of this site. Posts that were written years ago (literally, as I’ve been blogging since 2001) were pushed up top. Spammers ran free and wild and naked through the digital streets. It sucked. And since I could blog at Reason’s Hit&Run, I moved on from here.

But! I’m back and beginning the tedious work of re-blogrolling, re-linking to all my articles, and re-establishing as the place to read my prescient and never-hackneyed opinions. For example, I hear that one football team is doing good right now.