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The Washington Post
Article archive (2015-present)
Right Now archive (2010)
“5 Myths About the Tea Party” (08.08.10)

Article archive (Most of 2015)

Article archive (2008-present)

The Daily Beast
The Brett Kimberlin Saga (08.30.14)

Rolling Stone
“The Veep-iest People in Washington” (04.10.14)

The American Conservative
“It Takes An Agenda” (10.22.07)

The American Prospect
“Running From The Running (10.05.05)

Campaigns & Elections
“Skirting Political Disaster” (12.05-01.06)

Article archive
Hit and Run archive (2006-2008)

Washington City Paper
“Meet Jason Chaffez” (10.01.10)

The Washington Independent
Article/blog archive (2009-2010)

Media Appearances

Fresh Air
CPAC, the Tea Party, and the Remaking of the Right (02.23.10)

This American Life
Crybabies (09.24.10)

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