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Article archive (2008-present)

The Daily Beast
The Brett Kimberlin Saga (08.30.14)

Rolling Stone
“The Veep-iest People in Washington” (04.10.14)

The American Conservative
“It Takes An Agenda” (10.22.07)

The American Prospect
“Running From The Running (10.05.05)

Campaigns & Elections
“Skirting Political Disaster” (12.05-01.06)

Article archive
Hit and Run archive (2006-2008)

Washington City Paper
“Meet Jason Chaffez” (10.01.10)

The Washington Independent
Article/blog archive (2009-2010)

The Washington Post
Right Now archive (2010)
“5 Myths About the Tea Party” (08.08.10)

Media Appearances

Fresh Air
CPAC, the Tea Party, and the Remaking of the Right (02.23.10)

This American Life
Crybabies (09.24.10)

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