2010-2019: The Listicle Decade

A couple years ago, I moved my movie takes (which made up most of this site’s content) over to Letterboxd. That’s where you can find my (definitive) list of the decade’s 50 best movies.

Never did I work (or “work”) as hard to really cover the gamut. I spent half the decade in a new life as a frequent-traveling campaign reporter, which meant in-flight movies galore. I made my first solo international flights, which, same. And the birth of streaming services meant I could catch things that I never would have waited around for on DVD.

Worst movie: “Dreams From My Real Father,” a racist red-baiting “documentary” about how Barack Obama owed half of his genetic material to a communist poet named Frank Marshall Davis. It was distributed around swing states via a mailer, and is now available on Amazon Prime for some reason.

Best movie:

Best movie that won the Oscar: “Moonlight.” Best announcement of the win, too!