A series of controversial but harmless opinions about current happenings

– I actually like the new characters on Glee. To a man, they’re improvements on the non-actors foisted upon us by “The Glee Project.” The actress who plays Marley is cute, and I can say that, because she’s like seven years older than she looks.

– I also like that song, even though it’s an overproduced P!nk single.

– I have no use for the band Fun, or their sub-John Hughes hit “We Are Young.” Seriously? That’s how Janelle Monae breaks into the bigs? By yowling some harmonies about setting the night on fire?

– I support The Gossip’s evolution into a strange jingle-writing outfit.

– Once you re-add the sidebar — people, it takes one fucking mouse click — the new iTunes is quite attractive and functional. Seems to do less random color wheel-spinning, too.