10 Years

More than that, actually. In September 2001, before college started up again, I used the window between work and class to launch my first “weblog.” It was a page of HTML that I updated daily, like the one Andrew Sullivan had. Because I was so clever, it was titled DW-i: Dave Weigel Interactive! Months later, I realized how little fun I’d have if every diary entry was uploaded to an FTP server after text edits. There was a better option, a new service called “Blogger.” I joined it, and voila — blogging.

Back then I wanted to write for a living. Now, I do! When I’m not writing, I’m wondering about the meaning of what I’m covering (this sort of thing accelerates when a great foreign correspondent dies), and talking to other writers about the point of all this. The best answers are too pretentious to blog about. The cheap answer isn’t: It’s fun, and we’re lucky to do it.

You know what else is fun? Writing about other topics. Slate, which was my favorite magazine long before I was paid to believe so, is a good place to deposit thoughts about pop culture and Things Inconvenient to White People and other Internet topics. Tumblr would be a good place to stow my other thoughts. But I am a sort of a luddite, and I refuse to take this blog off Tumbler. Good God — I’ve written here for a third of my life! I own the domain well into President Santorum’s first term! DaveWeigel.com will remain a source for random, one-draft thoughts that are too hot for Twitter or Facebook or the myriad other places to put such thoughts.