Limitless, Shameless

“Limitless” (2011) – Surprisingly good sci-fi about a man who stumbles upon a drug that allows him to access his entire brain and become nearly superhuman. He recalls everything he’s ever learned or heard. He picks up languages just by half-hearing them. (Goddamn it, I need a drug that does this.) The movie loses me a bit by making the same mistake that “The Adjustment Bureau” did — assuming that political power is more useful than financial power!

“Shameless” (2004) – The Showtime remake of this show was modestly amusing, even if I didn’t buy the winsome, moneyed-looking Emmy Rossum as a poor family provider. Some Twitter pals convinced me to rent the British series that got ripped off. It’s… pretty great, mostly because it drinks so deep in the dark, grimy, hopeless side of modern British life. (I liked Rose, Doctor Who’s first reboot companion, for this very reason.) Somebody adapt a fantasy novel into a big budget film so David Threlfall can make big bucks.

Still More Movies

The Fall (2006) – Occasionally beautiful but pointless twaddle from a music video director.

Never Let Me Go (2010) – Passable sci-fi/coming of age stuff, like Merchant Ivory does “Logan’s Run.”

Win Win (2011) – Fine pedestrian middle class drama.

Bridesmaids (2011) – Ropey but brilliant.

For the want of a nail and/or power strip

Because my computer can’t use an aircard, I have a MiFi disk. Because the MiFi disk always accidentally turns on and powers down, it was off when I got into a cab yesterday. Because I’m neurotic about finishing up work, I spent the short cab ride trying to power the MiFi, with my iPad and notebooks strewn across the seats, eventually giving up because the tech wouldn’t work properly. Because I’m lazy, I just sighed and shoved all this stuff into my bag as I met a friend. Because it was nice out, we drank outside. Because I’m inattentive, I didn’t notice until a waitress pointed out that a pounding rainstorm had surpassed the awning over the bar seats, and water had started shooting in to the bag.

This is how my $849 iPad stopped working.