Listicles, 2010: The Funniest Stuff I Saw All Year

I’m going to keep adding to this list as things occur.

Tim and Eric, “Italian Massage.” This listicle might collapse under the weight of Tim and Eric skits. Was the final season of their “Awesome Show” a step down from previous seasons? Eh, probably. But there were several fantastically dada sketches I’ve replayed for months. In this one, Heidecker and Wareheim don unrealistic wigs and facial hair and become “Sal and Al,” racist Italian stereotypes who sell massages complete with cheese and tomato sauce. “Almost like a pizza pie!”

The Last Airbender. You’d think M. Night Shyalaman’s career hit the reef with this horrible piece of shit, but it didn’t — it was a hit! That’s nice, because it promises many years of poorly-acted, incoherently-plotted kiddie punch-ups that provide instant fodder for riffs from the guys who made “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”

Jeff Greene’s U.S. Senate campaign. Funny story. In 2008, a real estate investor turned a massive fortune into a yet-more-massive fortune by shorting subprime mortgage CDOs. He built a bizarre and cushy life spent getting celebrities to hang out with him on his yacht. And then some political consultants convinced him he could be a U.S. senator. They gave him one of the strangest, least sincere narratives in recent electoral history — in one ad, he claimed that he wished he’d only been in the Senate when he started shorting CDOs, so he could have shared his wisdom with the nation.’s listicles. When the hell did Cracked become entertaining? At some point the website of a fading Mad magazine competitor was taken over by smart geeks who churned out daily lists of pop culture oddities. One favorite — the five most wildly illegal court rulings in movies.