“Tea Bag Them”

In some ways, the Sunday publication of an old photo of me (April 2009) at a friend’s Easter egg party was heartening — the moment I realized the frantic campaign to discredit me really had nothing. Still, a quick explanation of why I am seen “holding a ‘teabagger’ doll.” At that party, I made a few thematic Easter Eggs that looked like characters. One was the Yellow Bastard from “Sin City,” and one was a tribute to this photo I’d taken 2 months earlier:


Have you ever had a photo copied in an issue of “Captain America”? I bet you haven’t. So I’m pretty proud of snapping this, and if I’m supposed to be ashamed that I made an Easter egg out of that… uh, well, I don’t even know how to react to that. There’s quite a gulf between my sources, who I’ve reestablished rapports with, and the people trying in vain to score points on me.