Rick Barber talks about Nazis

The would-be GOP candidate in AL-02 has unleashed his third viral* video: a tavern chat with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln followed by… look, just watch it.

I talked to Barber today, who happily defended his evocation of slavery and his use of World War II iconography — which includes images of the Holocaust.

“Somebody has to say this,” said Barber. “When Hitler took power, no one wanted to think that the Holocaust, the murder of 6 million Jewish people, was possible. I’m saying that you have to recognize and name tyranny when you see it. And I think people are finding out that I’m the candidate who’s willing to speak clearly and not be afraid of sounding politically incorrect, and my opponent isn’t that candidate.”

*by the way, what is the point when we can call things viral? 250,000 views? A chat thread at the Politico Arena?