I signed up as an MSNBC contributor yesterday, which means I’m on call for a couple of segments a week — just as I was at the Washington Post — and that you won’t be seeing me on CNN and Fox News.

This isn’t a new full-time job. Ezra Klein is an MSNBC contributor and a Washington Post blogger. Pat Buchanan is an MSNBC contributor and a columnist. And so on. I’m spending this week and possibly next week meeting with other media companies about my next full-time job, choosing one as soon as I’ve heard everyone out.

I’ve gotten a lot of supportive notes and e-mails about this move, and I’m thankful. At the Washington Independent and the Washington Post I only appeared on TV to talk about things I’d reported on. So at my new job I’ll keep reporting, then I’ll appear on MNSBC sometimes to talk about it. One of many reasons not to worry too much about me.