Dan Gainor, real man of genius

Since I joined the Washington Post, mid-level Media Research Center staffer Dan Gainor has occasionally nipped at my heels about my “bias.” This attack was something else, though.

Post’s New Conservative Blogger: There’s Video of Drudge ‘Diddling an 8-Year-Old Boy’

Let’s just slow this down so Dan can understand.

Even if it’s a joke

Yep! It was a joke about Matt Drudge linking, for more than 24 hours, to a National Enquirer story about President Obama having an affair. The story was mostly retracted within hours — the key bit about an alleged video tape of the president was removed — and yet Drudge kept this on his site.


My joke: I “heard” a rumor, and just put it out there — like Drudge. If Gainor thinks jokes like that about public figures are out of bounds, he’s even stupider than I thought.

Fairly late in the evening

It was 9:04 p.m., which Gainor doesn’t mention, because that’s not even “late” to nursing home residents.

There appeared to be no follow-up comment, explanation or apology.

That “appears” to be correct! Adorable phrasing, by the way, which makes Gainor sound like a grown-up journalist who “investigates” things — like what’s on a public Twitter account.

Earlier in the evening, he had commented about having too much to drink. “Very cool. I either need to stop drunktweeting or do MUCH MORE drunktweeting.”

Evening? It was 6 p.m.! I was online and noticed this article — which Gainor, being unprofessional and dishonest, does not include — in which James Bennet, editor of The Atlantic cited me as somebody he enjoys reading on Twitter. If you’ll notice, I posted it on Tweetdeck — the desktop-based twitter service — which means I was at home, and sober. Very classy of Gainor to suggest otherwise.

the rest of his comments during the evening were in a similar sarcastic or goofy vein including photos of MSNBC host Rachel Maddow as a bartended at the dinner and a picture of himself in a tux where he commented, “I am ready to either party or wait your table. Or both!”

Other tweets Gainor doesn’t mention — a complimentary tweet about Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas), a joke about Democratic strategist Mark Penn and liberal-leaning pundit and mogul Mort Zuckerman, a photo of a Mickey Kaus for US Senate button. But those don’t aid Gainor’s narrative about me only mocking conservatives, or his oh-so-subtle implication that I was drunk, so he doesn’t link them.

I’ve blocked Gainor on Twitter for a while now — he’s a tiresome scold who swings, misses by a mile, and declares victory as real journalists ignore him. But this was a special mix of humorlessness and innuendo.