Alice in Wonderland, Kick-Ass, Hot Tub Time Machine

I realize today, as I drink coffee and eat eggs in the sunshine, that I have seen only four movies in the year 2010.

“But, Dave!” you ask, lip quivering. “You watch like 50 movies per year.”

Indeed I do. But I rarely catch many movies before the summer. There are reasons for this. 2010-specific reasons include the fact that I am dating a smart, strong and beautiful woman and we have a lot of other things to do.* Every-year-specific reasons are that if a movie is released before, say, August, I can catch it on DVD or — now — streaming Netflix by the end of the year. So while I’ve failed to see A Prophet and Greenberg so far, I will by, like, November. The big blockbustery nonsense I HAVE seen:

Alice in Wonderland – Wow, really not that great. You don’t have to pine for feminist heroism in every movie to be confused and disappointed that the headstrong, take-no-shit little girl of Lewis Carroll’s story has been turned into a bland, scared, clinging-to-Johnny-Depp action figure. I liked Ann Hathaway’s little hand motions and basically everything from Helena Bonham Carter. And I guess I like that this movie seems to have sparked the neo-3-D backlash.

Hot Tub Time Machine – I almost don’t want to see anything else in 2010 so I can say that Crispin Glover was in 50% of the films I saw. His ongoing gag is a highlight of this movie that almost excuses the really radical sexism (Haha that black guy’s wife made him hyphenate his name!) and missed opportunities to mock 80s cliches. But I generally liked this, especially the embrace of completely amoral behavior. (Did Rob Corddry murder Vince Neil or something?)

Kick-Ass – Also, 50% of the films I’ve seen this year have featured Clark Duke. Probably my favorite film of the year so far, an improvement on Mark Millar’s overwritten comic in a lot of ways.

*Like CONCERTS. That’s what I mean.