A Few Words About This Blog

That would be a few more words than have appeared on this blog lately, right? So, what happened was this: Like many twentysomething white male Americans who live in the 202 area code, I became a devotee of Twitter sometime in early 2009. I’d joined in 2008, mostly to suggest things to do to friends, and to be on the early alert for the things they were suggesting. But @daveweigel turned into its own beast, and right now I have 6000-odd people reading my scattered and random and brief thoughts on, like, whatever.

I saw this coming. I intended this blog to become a clearinghouse for lists and short, stream-of-consciousness reviews of books and movies. For a little while last year, it was! And while it’s too late into 2010 to make a “resolution” out of this, that’s my plan, to turn this into a clearinghouse for the pop culture side of my life. That’s still the plan! I’ve just moved to a new place in DC, just put together a new TV-and-directTV-and-DVD setup, and almost finished putting together bookshelves. So expect some related content.