Birthers of a Nation

The rise in media attention to the “birther” conspiracy theory has come after more than a year of online conspiracy-mongering. YouTube has been a good place to watch it develop, as amateur pundits and document analysts took to their webcams to rant about the president and what he was hiding from Americans. Here’s a quick look at the most active Obama “birthers” on the site.

LoneStar1776, who seems awfully sad that people keep dismissing his concerns, but who thanks “Lou Dobbs bringing it up in mainstream media.”

CoyoteBrains, who says “some smart people” are asking for the birth certificate, and who really likes the Blues Brothers.

MarkTruePatriotWest, who tells Obama and Robert Gibbs to “buck up, show us the proof.”

ObamaBirther, who closely watches the AP wire.

JoeGully. who seems to believe that Obama’s executive orders have locked away his birth certificate.

Studtrain510250, who really buys into the “Obama’s grandmother says he was born in Africa” myth. “He could be a great president of Kenya!”