Michael Calderone was right!

I return to this blog, on a slow-ish day beset by laptop errors, to defend the honor of Michael Calderone. He reported that Matthew Cooper had a “new gig” writing for The Atlantic’s political page. Cooper responded that he was “still @tpmmedia” and FishbowlDC reported that Cooper was “pulling double duty” at both news orgs.

Well, whatever. I really loved Cooper’s output for Portfolio, but his “duty” at TPM, as “editor-at-large,” has produced… what, exactly? At TPMDC, where reporters Brian Beutler and Eric Kleefeld churn out thousands of words every day, Cooper has produced a total of 103 posts since January 19. By contrast, Beutler and Kleefeld wrote 13 posts today. Cooper slowed down dramatically after March 5, and his latest post, on “The Old Pulitzers,” went up on April 20. If writing one post for The Atlantic and none for TPM is “double duty,” I think we’re out of the recession.