Yes, There Is An Anvil

Matt’s commenters are skeptical that the band Anvil, from the amazing documentary “Anvil! The Story of Anvil,” are anything more than a hoax. Trust me, they really are a 30-year old band. From a concert review by Kathi Whalen in the Washington Post, published December 3, 1988:

Ten years have given Anvil’s playing a sheen few others in the heavy metal underground share, but it still can sound pretty dull.

Some early self-deprecating antics made the band’s 9:30 club show Wednesday look promising at first — lead singer Lips mugged and posed maniacally while the band dredged through numbers like the unprintable one whose opening riff was from the “Beverly Hillbillies” theme and “Concrete Jungle,” which was spiked with a jungle beat.

Still, once Lips decided the gag was over, the set speedily disintegrated into long-winded self-indulgence, topped off with an excruciating solo from drummer Robb Reiner.

Opener Death rooted every number in a hard-core beat and let the guitars flail from there. Although “Open Casket” was the one song with a genuine sense of rhythm, the most striking thing about this speed-metal band was how ridiculously artificial the overreverbed vocals sounded without a sepulchral video to accompany them.

So you see why critics forgot that this band existed.