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Coraline (2009) – Tim Burton and me, we get each other. Even though, unbecoming of a master of fantasy, he only has one aesthetic, I’ve enjoyed more or less every minute he’s put on the screen. (The big exception is Mars Attacks, and I didn’t hate that as much as I remembered when I caught part of it on TV last year.) Coraline is a sort of Burton sampler, with themes (a house with no reality beyond its environs!) and designs (black and white stripes!) familiar from his previous work, but it’s better than anything he’s done since the early 1990s. It has the feel of a standard, with unforgettable little adrenaline jolting scenes and many moments of beauty that are revealed, later on, to foreshadow menace. (All manner of menacing cliches, like scary fog and dead trees and withered old ladies, become tokens of warmth, and that’s another thing I loved.) 10/10

Harry un ami qui vous veut du bien (2000) – Known stateside as “With a Friend Like Harry” and known (awesomely) in the UK as “Harry, He’s Here to Help.” I’d never have seen this if not for my quest to watch all the critically-adored films I missed this decade, and I could have lived without seeing it. Dominik Moll’s thriller is a diverting Hitchcock pastiche that never picks up real momentum, and suffers from strange lead performances from Sergi Lopez as a way-too-obvious sociopath and Laurent Lucas as a distaff family man. 5/10

Happy Feet (2006) – From the man who brought you Babe and Lorenzo’s Oil comes a movie with all the cuteness of the first film and all the distressing emotional notes of the second. Nobody warned me that this would be a fable about physical disability – a darn adorable one, natch. 7/10

Changeling (2008) – A piece of shit. 2/10

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  1. Tim Burton had nothing to do with Coraline as far as I can tell. Henry Sellick directed it as well as Nightmare before Christmas.

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