Curse you, Instapundit

One bug in your blogging formula is that you don’t warn people when you link to Jennifer Rubin or Andrew Malcolm. Two more wrongheaded political writers do not exist: they figured out early that conservatives like to get the ego-stroking all-is-well-ism of talk radio in print form, too.

Life is too short, but if some people made a team effort out of it, they’d have fun grabbing all of the Rubin statements from 2007 and 2008 that never panned out. No one more often predicted the political demise of Barack Obama, except maybe Victor Davis Hanson. And at least his writing has some faux-classical flair, versus the bland talking points of Rubin.

Oh, about the story he links: No Republican with a brain thinks the party is on the “comeback trail” because it won a Georgia runoff and is exploiting the Blagojevich drama.

And one more thing

Like I said, I was at a press conference today that brought together the leading Obama Birthers. From noon to 8 I was either there or writing a story about it, and oh God do I want to be done with this for a while. Especially because once I felt that other reporters had gotten what they needed, I argued with Phil Berg and Orly Taitz (one of Alan Keyes’s laywers). Berg surprised me–he was willing to walk back part of his claim that Obama’s paternal step-grandmother has claimed that Obama was born there, and seemed taken aback that I had heard the whole tape that’s the basis for that claim. Taitz, who I’d never met, was combative and seemed put out that I didn’t take her claims for granted.

Anyway! I don’t want to dig into my 3 hour tape and find every odd or wrong claim. The presser was a tsunami of odd claims. A few humdingers:

– Obama lied on a legal form! Taitz produced an Illinos bar form in which Obama did not list any other names he went by. But when his mother married Lolo Soetoro, he was known as Barry Soetoro!

This is true. However, Soetoro and Ann Dunham (Obama’s mother) split up in 1972, when Obama was 11. The young Obama had already moved back to Hawaii for school. Soetoro and Dunham officially divorved in 1980, and Soetoro died in 1987. If there’s a problem with Obama not acknowledging a name that he went by for a few years when he was a kid, and never again after 1972, I don’t get what that is.

– Secret intel says Obama was born in Kenya! Berg obliquely and briefly commented that a British barrister had given him info that he can’t use in court, and that the CIA and FBI know that Obama was born in Kenya. No evidence provided. But this takes us back to a rumor that Wayne Madsen was floating back in June, and that anti-Obama blogs circulated in October. From TexasDarlin, the dean of Hillaryite Obama haters:

I have received an unverified tip that certified copies of a Kenyan Birth Certificate (BC) for Obama were sent from Kenya, and have been received by three separate individuals. I am told that these documents are certified, with an embossed seal, and display the name of the hospital where Obama was born, as well as witness signatures.

I love stuff like this–it’s so 1965 Bond movie. In the year 2008, the age of cell phone cameras and wireless aircards, documents that multiple people have seen are not kept secret for six (or two) months as they are transported (by courier, I guess?) across continents. We went through this with the whitey tape. The “Kenya birth certificate” is an obvious lie.

Related–what’s the statute of limitations on a rumor like this? I start thinking it’s baseless 1)if the rumormongers won’t name a source, or 2)if two weeks pass with no news.

– Obama wasn’t vetted! Berg said this. I find it rich. By election day voters knew that Obama was friends with a 60s terrorist, had a pastor who said “god damn America,” had done pot and cocaine, didn’t like wearing a flag pin, didn’t sing the national anthem another time, thought rural gun owners voted Republican because they were “bitter,” and had a wife who wasn’t proud of her country. But if they’d only known that Obama’s father bestowed British empire dual citizenship on him, ah, then, that would have been the end of that!

Conservative credibility deathwatch

So… how many mainstream conservatives are going to rule themselves out of polite society with Obama Derangement Syndrome? I don’t take the hateful, shrill Melanie Morgan too seriously, but she’s on Fox fairly often, and I saw her at CPAC last year. And here she goes.

Pssst, Did You Hear The One About Obama’s Birth Certificate? …you know, the story that he can’t actually produce the damn thing?

Yes, except when he can and does.

Later today, the United States Supreme Court is going to take up the issue of President-Elect Obama’s actual citizenship.

Morgan’s implying that the citizenship is questionable. Which it isn’t.

according to, it is conservatives like my buddy Brian Sussman and others in talk radio who are engaged in a whispering campaign to deny Obama’s legal right to ascend to the throne – er, Presidency.

Errr… less crazy, but why the sarcasm about Obama’s “legal right”? He won 69 million votes and 365 electoral votes. He won the presidency.

Politico is actually quoting the most  phony, lying left-wing so-called Media fact-checkers in the country. Yup, the MSM is getting its information from Media Matters, funded by GEORGE SOROS.

Let me translate for her.

JEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWSSSSSSSSS! The Jews want to put a darky in the White House!

There we go.

Nobody can ask any questions AT ALL about Obama’s citizenship because Media Matters has said “the story was widely discredited.”

You can ask the questions. It helps if you’re a racist anti-Semite who can’t read, like Melanie Morgan.

Just asking

Why is it that Justices Ginsburg and Souter have tossed junk lawsuits about Barack Obama’s citizenship, but Justices Thomas and now Scalia have wanted them read in conference? There have been two coherent lawsuits alleging that both Obama and McCain are ineligible for the presidency. Here’s what happened to the first:

Nov 3 2008     Application (08A407) for stay pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, submitted to Justice Souter.
Nov 6 2008     Application (08A407) denied by Justice Souter.
Nov 14 2008     Application (08A407) refiled and submitted to Justice Thomas.
Nov 19 2008     DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 5, 2008.
Nov 19 2008     Application (08A407) referred to the Court by Justice Thomas.
Nov 26 2008     Supplemental brief of applicant Leo C. Donofrio filed. (Distributed)
Dec 1 2008     Letter from applicant dated November 22, 2008, received.
Dec 8 2008     Application (08A407) denied by the Court.

And the second:

Nov 25 2008     Application (08A469) for stay and/or injunction, submitted to Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 26 2008     Application (08A469) denied by Justice Ginsburg.
Nov 29 2008     Application (08A469) refiled and submitted to Justice Scalia.
Dec 8 2008     DISTRIBUTED for Conference of December 12, 2008.
Dec 8 2008     Application (08A469) referred to the Court by Justice Scalia.

That means that the Obama Birthers, some of whom had a press conference today (which I attended), get to spend at least four, and probably seven, more days casting doubt on the Obama election.

What is the lesson that Scalia and Thomas are sending? Either they’ve reversed their views on standing, or they’re letting the world know that no case is too wingnutty for them not to consider. And at some point that’s doing damage to the country. Do they really want people thinking the president is illegitimate because they didn’t do like the liberal justices and reject this baseless kookery? I can’t remember, but was either Scalia or Thomas in the habit of having the court read the “Bush knocked down the twin towers!” junk lawsuits?

Whatever the case, World Net Daily thanks them—the site has a new scam in which Obama Birthers can pay them to harass members of the Electoral College.

Try harder, Horowitz

Let me second my friend Jamie Kirchick: this David Horowitz op-ed about the Obama citizenship conspiracies is disgraceful, dog-whistle nonsense. Horowitz gives the conspiracy theorists half a loaf, which is about two loaves more than they deserve.

This tempest over whether Obama… is tantamount to the Democrats’ seditious claim that Bush “stole” the election in Florida and hence was not the legitimate president.

No, it’s not. The Obama Birthers have no factual basis—none—for their claims. Democrats actually had arguments to make about Florida. Voters without criminal records were purged from the voter rolls, mistakenly listed as “felons,” in a program overseen by a Republican secretary of state who worked for the Bush campaign. Is that a thin reed? We can argue about that, but I think it’ll become more widely accepted after Bush leaves office and the issue is drained of its urgency. But it’s a reed, and that’s more than the Birthers have.

This delusion helped to create the Democrats’ Bush derangement syndrome and encouraged Democratic leaders to lie about the origins of the Iraq War…

Same drivel; see above.

The birth certificate zealots are essentially arguing that 64 million voters should be disenfranchised…

69 million, which was 9.3 million more votes than McCain got. That’s another reason it’s foolhardy to compare this to 2000, the first election in more than a century where a man won fewer popular votes but took the presidency.

What difference does it make to the future of this country whether Obama was born on U.S. soil?

None, but the state of Hawaii says he was. I could just as easily say: “What difference does it make that David Horowitz likes to take long walks along Laguna Beach and expose himself to kids?” There’s more evidence that Obama was born in America then there is evidence that David Horowitz does not expose himself to children.

I’m not convinced that Horowitz wrote this in good faith. I think he’s egging on the fringe right, in between bouts of torturing animals and dumping them in landfills. Hey, David: Prove that you don’t.

Manchurian like you

I read a lot of comment threads on the Obama conspiracies, to see if the Birthers have come up with anything new. They haven’t in a little while. Indeed, they’ve gotten both more specific and more obscure. For example, this Baltimore Sun thread includes a talking point you hear from the more Ron Paulian elements of the Birthers: “this is a case about upholding the Constitution of our great country.”

What, I wonder when I read stuff like that, is the threat to the Constitution? Why did the founders include the “natural born citizen” line in there, anyway? The only explanation that makes sense to me is that they wanted to be sure that presidents were 1000 percent faithful to their country, and that no interloper could take the office and start using its powers to facilitate the next British invasion. That’s at the root of the Obama conspiracies – that this buddy of Bill Ayers and son of a Kenyan socialist is an agent who wants to destroy America.

Before the election, I was pulling this thread with a DC conservative who works for the Media Research Center. The conservative worried that Obama had a dual loyalty to Kenya, evinced by his 2006 trip there and by his tribal relationship to Rail Odinga, then a presidential candidate, now prime minister. What I kept asking, and not getting a good answer about, was… so what? The answers I did get:

– Odinga is a Socialist
– He was responsible for the violence that followed the 2007 Kenyan election.

The first claim is true, but not that interesting. The second claim is false. Odinga was leading in polls and by many assessments probably won the 2007 election. It’s likely that President Mwai Kibaki stole the election from him in a delayed count. Here I point to my employer, the noted Socialist International rag The Economist.

The recalcitrance of its disputed president, Mwai Kibaki, egged on by his bloody-minded backers, threatens to wreck east Africa’s most prosperous economy and increases the chance of a drawn-out civil conflict.

Kibaki’s backers rioted, too. There was violence on both sides. But the way this has been truncated by Obama conspiracy theorists is “he’s allied with a Kenyan socialist who killed people with machetes.” They allege that Odinga had a secret plot to introduce Sharia law… which was propaganda spread by President Kibaki! Of all the attacks on Obama by crypto-racists, that’s got to be the most ironic. And, after Jerome Corsi tried to further the story by forging emails, the most obviously nonsensical.

All that aside, I come back to my previous question – who cares this much about Kenya? Are there people who think Obama is going to ask the Joint Chiefs to draft Operation Black is Back and install Odinga as Supreme Maximum Leader and Last King of Scotland? While they’re there, will the troops round up those Kenyan Sharia experts to bring back here for some hot war on Christmas action? It’s all quite insane.

Radio Two: WIN

I’ll be on Guy Benson’s show (which no less an authority than Hugh Hewitt has called “the future of radio,” right after he predicted a John McCain victory) tonight, talkin’ Obamaconspiracies.

Also: I think I originally coined the term “Birthers” to describe the people who think the state of Hawaii and its time travel machine are concealing the truth about Obama’s birth on the roof of a mosque in Kenya. It’s not just the reference to 9/11 “truthers” that I like. It’s the callback to the John Birch Society, id est the “Birchers.”