Fringe wars

My favorite thing about the Obama Birthers is that they’ve already split into factions. I know, it’s surprising–you’d think getting your ass kicked in every court with a gavel and desk would build some movement solidarity. But no! There are four major players in the Obama Birtherverse, and three of them hate the others.

One of the three is Andy Martin, and that really shouldn’t come as a surprise. The man can’t pass the bar because he’s so clearly mentally unstable that no state will give him a license. He is the retarded P.T. Barnum of the Obama Birtherverse. Now, he’s convinced that two other Obama Birthers, Phil Berg and Leo Donofrio, are con men. Here’s his response to the press conference I covered for Slate:

The U. S. Supreme Court becomes ground zero in a con game by anti-Obama profiteers. Paranoia spreads as hucksters undermine the anti-Obama movement. Con artists such as Philip Berg seek to cash in by filing false legal claims against Barack Obama.

Not that Martin ever asks for money. Oh…

URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama is raising money to oppose President-elect Barack Obama. Please give generously up to the maximum of $100. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama is directly dependent on the generosity of every American.

“The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama limits itself to $100 maximum contributions; there are no bundlers, fat cats or illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to everything America stands for,” says Executive Director Andy Martin.

Yes, that is from the very same post I quoted above. But it’s still pretty fun to read: Martin accuses World Net Daily of printing “gibberish,” calls out the people who claim “Obama’s grandmother was at his birth in Kenya” as “unhinged” morons, and accuses Phil Berg of legal “hyperventilation.”

Berg hates Martin, too, as Martin filed a complaint against Berg and is running around calling him a con artist. Donofrio attacks anyone who sues Obama on grounds other than his moronic “Obama’s father was a British subject!” argument.

And then there’s this. My favorite part is that Lindsey has the same Macbook that I do.

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