Still tippin’

A sincere thanks to Spencer Ackerman for this. I know a lot of reporters, and I don’t want to put them down, but few of them make me go “damn, how did he get that story” like Spencer.

And another thing. I don’t know what precipitated his compliment, but if he’s pushing the Weigel brand, I appreciate it, because at the start of December I am leaving reason magazine, my journalistic home since April 2006. You could not concoct a better 30 months to be the political reporter for America’s flagship libertarian journal. I was there when the Republican party hit the rocks in 2006 (and I’m afraid I helped cost Jeff Flake his committee seat). I covered the Ron Paul r3VOLution from start to… well, is it finished yet? I was there when Bob Barr joined the Libertarian Party, there when he became its presidential candidate, and there when he ended his campaign by blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

It’s an amicable parting. Starting last week, I’ve been writing at The Economist‘s Democracy in America blog. There are three Word files with freelance stories open in front of me, and there are e-mails about additional reporting gigs in my mailbox. And I get to keep living in and covering D.C., a much more pleasant place than it has the right to be thanks to people like Spencer.

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