I Love This Barr

My exit interview with Libertarian presidential sacrificial lambdidate Bob Barr is up here.

I like Barr, but I’m biased towards good stories of reinvention and redemption. (I said good stories, Mitt.) Six years ago Barr was an unapologetic drug warrior and Iraq War booster. Today he’s an ACLU and Marijuana Policy Project consultant who wants the Libertarian Party to become a coalition of Jeff Flakes. Yes, I’ve heard Libertarians bitch about this, but really, if Barr didn’t believe in this stuff, don’t you think there was a more lucrative path he could have taken? Couldn’t he have built on his book The Meaning of Is and become a full-time Democrat-hater, hero of the Clinton impeachments, trading one-liners with Sean Hannity about how Democrats use the Constitution for rolling paper? Sure. But he got radicalized by the failed Bush presidency and did something about it.

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