It’s movie sign!

Trying to catch up on my 2007 movie-watching this weekend (I’ve seen 23 films released this year) and I check the Golden Globes nominees and… huh, was this such a lousy year? I guess “Once” was disqualified from the musical/comedy category because it had some international releases in 2006, but “Michael Clayton”? “Charlie Wilson’s War”? “American Gangster”? These are truly middling movies that in one case (CWW) would pass for straight-to-DVD fare if not for their casts. I didn’t love The Assassination of Jesse James when I saw it, but it was clearly better than any of those movies.

Meanwhile it seems I missed my chance to see “Margot at the Wedding” and “I’m Not There” before the Oscar noms come out, but since the voters will probably be saluting Julia Roberts’ awesome Texas accent over any of that indie crap I guess I won’t be caught short.

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