LCD, yeah you know me

Matt’s skepticism is warranted here. I never picked up Sound of Silver but I asked for it for Christmas, got it, and… it’s really pretty middling. It opens with “Get Innocuous!” which has this promise of humor, of a good hook, but really just sits there burbling for seven minutes. That’s the case with most of the album. It seems better than it is because the 1-2-3 punch of “North American Scum” and “Someone Great” and “All My Friends” is, yes, 20 of the best minutes of 2007.

It’s not impossible to make hooky “dance music for adults,” either. Roisin Murphy (and before that Moloko) does it pretty effortlessly, and her second solo album is as catchy as the work of 1000 Swedish songsmiths-for-hire.

Racist Joe

I don’t like seeing Joe Biden’s “Indian” comments in this list. Biden was talking to an Indian dude in New Hampshire and hamhandedly praising his people for their industry–why, every Dunkin Donuts in Delaware is run by Indians now.

It doesn’t fit in the list of official Democratic racisms at all; in any case, a list of individual politicians saying evil things is not as effective a way of arguing about their party than, say, a list of votes or policy shifts (like the Southern bloc ratfucking civil rights reforms in the 60s).

It’s movie sign!

Trying to catch up on my 2007 movie-watching this weekend (I’ve seen 23 films released this year) and I check the Golden Globes nominees and… huh, was this such a lousy year? I guess “Once” was disqualified from the musical/comedy category because it had some international releases in 2006, but “Michael Clayton”? “Charlie Wilson’s War”? “American Gangster”? These are truly middling movies that in one case (CWW) would pass for straight-to-DVD fare if not for their casts. I didn’t love The Assassination of Jesse James when I saw it, but it was clearly better than any of those movies.

Meanwhile it seems I missed my chance to see “Margot at the Wedding” and “I’m Not There” before the Oscar noms come out, but since the voters will probably be saluting Julia Roberts’ awesome Texas accent over any of that indie crap I guess I won’t be caught short.

When does Duncan Hunter drop out?

After Iowa? Or is he going to make a bid for 3 delegates in the Feb. 5 California primary? (You win 3 delegates for every congressional district you win, and Hunter probably thinks he could win his own district, even though he’s polling at asterisk level in the Golden State.)

There’ll be a debate on Jan 5, right between Iowa and New Hamphire, and I really don’t want to see Hunter or Keyes in it.

More about that

The Paul smear (which will probably stay online unless Tim Russert really runs with it tomorrow) has been an interesting test for me. As I reported in my piece on the Ames straw poll, I saw Stormfront stalwart Jamie Kelso in the Ron Paul tent, blogging on the site. I took a little shit from commenters and e-mails for even mentioning it, but I thought it would have been irresponsible not to. The unifying effect Ron Paul has on the political fringes – Truthers, white pride types, colloidal silver junkes – is one of the true, wacky phenomena of the campaign. But that’s how I saw the story, as the fringes-and-Paul. I didn’t think anything of the white pride people since there’s like 12 of them and the Paul campaign doesn’t pay attention to them unless asked.

So do I feel sheepish for not poring through the Stormfront threads to find pictures like the Don Black snapshot? Wouldn’t that have been a big story, blogwise? I guess so. But I don’t feel like I missed anything. To go after a candidate because of his supporters strikes me as unfair. Paul has invited some criticism for not dumping donations from racists, because he says he doesn’t agree with that principle. I basically agree with him. The Paul campaign is acting like a safety valve for a number of angry, dumb, powerless people who if he wasn’t running would be harassing FBI officials about 9/11 coverups or joining KKK marches or typing up their Turner Diaries sequel. Instead they’re following around an Old Right libertarian candidate for the presidency. They’re not acting violent. They’re not harassing anyone. So I’m not trying to shake them out of the trees. Hell, there’s a chance that their Paul obsession turns them on to Murray Rothbard and they start wondering: “Wait, do I really hate the Jews?”

A stand-up dude

I went out of my way to credit Charles Johnson in my post on the Ron Paul-got-a-picture-taken-with-Stormfronters smear, noting that Johnson’s attacked the white pride right even when his current crop of allies were defending it. The guy’s hatred of Ron Paul’s supporters is, at least, passionate and intellectually honest. And then Johnson writes a round-up and refers to my “silly post.”

Maybe I’ve just burned my bridges with PJM people already. But the fire started when the heat from the burning PJM shitpile got too intense.

Just asking

Are Republicans still all that worried about a Clinton restoration? Let’s say Obama doesn’t continue his momentum and get lucky and knock her out of national politics in two months. Maybe Clinton surprises everyone and wins the primaries early on by the margins people expected a month ago. You’ve still got weaknesses no one saw a few months ago: A fractious campaign team (consisting of big-money thugs who stand for nothing), a hysterical panic whenever a news cycle goes bad, and a Bill Clinton who’s apparently started inhaling before every statement to the press. (Your wife will superfriend you up with the current president’s dad to fly around the world apologizing for said current president? The hell?)


Go to a party last weekend. Two roommates, both early 30s. One’s a consultant/lawyer/arms dealer of some sort, one’s a journalist. Arrive relatively early (8:45 pm) and only the first guy’s friends are there. 10:30 tolls and… the journalist’s friends arrive! The porch, previously empty, is now full-to-bursting with pasty people and cigarettes, and the first host has to shuffle this new crowd inside.


1) Journalists live up precisely to their stereotypes.
2) Non-journalists lead boring lives.