Fox envy

This is a bit late, but I’m catching up with last week’s Fox Sunday lineup (the 90-minute version that doesn’t include the loathsome American Dad) and, uh… did Family Guy make a joke about King of the Hill being boring? Family Guy has been on an obvious, Cliffs of Dover-steep decline for the last season or so. Witness the pointless “subplot” in the 10/1 episode that consisted of Jon Benjamin and Seth Green getting stoned and talking about 90s movies. King of the Hill, though, refuses to flag. This episode when Bobby Hill becomes a Powder Puff cheerleader and the PTA is run by a Lynette Scalvo-style sociopath was as good as anything in the single-digit seasons.

“If this was a movie, we’d get to cheerlead again. And Kurt Russell would be my dad!”

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