Weigel on your internet TV

So, this is odd. Based on a blog post I wrote asking what was so wrong with Iran’s president visiting Ground Zero an upstate New York TV station had me on to debate it with host Richard French. I get the feeling I looked away from the camera a couple times, so I’m afraid to look at it, but it should be up here at some point.

UPDATE: I watched it and thanks the power of editing I sounded fine — modulated my voice, made 90% of the points I wanted to make. But I definitely need to work on the conversational tics I’ve built up. The first is looking a little bit to the side when I’m listening to someone speak. The second is this lip-licking eyebrow-raising thing I didn’t actually realize that I did. It’s odd. If I saw someone acting like that on TV I’d think “wow, that person making the intelligent points with a well-modulated voice looks uncomfortable.” I wasn’t actually very nervous, though, just acting like I normally act.