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This post went up like 10 minutes after I sent out the Brian + Dave birthday evite. Garance raises an issue I grapple with sometimes, too. If a friend of yours who happens to be a prominent blogger posts something and you link to it do you indicate your relationship with the blogger? I don’t have a set answer. Disclaimers like “my friend Ezra” or “Jeremy, my old roommate” start to sound like name-dropping. But it seems a little off to participate in intra-blog debates and pretend you’re meeting your combatants for the first time.

Luckily, we’re not the group of people who ever thought of being reporters/pundits. There’s precedent for this stuff. And it is: Declare actual conflicts of interest (people you work with, people you pay your salary, people you knew when you worked for Candidate X) and don’t sweat the rest of it. And venture out of your immediate blogosphere. I like the regular pistols-out duels between Cato nerds and American Prospect nerds as much as anyone else, but we all learn more when we read those articles by the wizened, uncool folks who have 30-odd years of reporting experience or a shelf-full of books giving them cred.

I don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of Bloggingheads but that site gets this stuff mostly right.

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