Shop smart, shop S-mart

Back when I lived in the suburbs, on those not-uncommon Tuesdays when a bunch of desirable crap was released, I’d tumble into the trusty Volvo and motor over to Best Buy. They price stuff down to a truly ridiculous degree on release day. But I live in DC now so at lunch I walked to a local, overpriced CD store. One thing I wanted was sold out, but the new New Pornographers album was still available for a discounted $14.

As luck would have it I had to take a trip to Virginia around 8, so I hit up the old Best Buy. There was the New Pornos album: Ten bucks. There was the album I couldn’t find before, M.I.A.’s new one, for $8, so I felt like I made my money back. And here was season 10 of South Park: Only $33! It had been $46 at the DC store. I paid my money and laughed at the suckers back in our nation’s capital.

The trip to Virginia took me to a bar a block away from CD Cellar. I stop in for old time’s sake and there’s the South Park season box… for $29.99.

Now, arguably I could have gone to these stores in the reverse order and saved like ten dollars. But it’s such a hassle to get out of town that it didn’t occur to me. And now I don’t want to leave again: It’s like the suburbs are mocking me for trapping myself in the Kingdom of Overpriced Luxury Items.