Fun weekend

Whew, the first weekend in DC since August lurched into view, and it was a fun one – a trip to the movies, an impromptu 2 a.m. trip to the Jefferson Memorial (I’d forgotten how Deist the quotes they’ve engraved on the marble are), an expensive dinner with friends, a birthday party, a 10 a.m. Democratic debate, and a trip to Video Americain which might soon result in me seeing David Cronenberg’s rare Shivers.

I am slowly plodding through the 5th Harry Potter novel. Having ripped through books 1-3 in around 100 hours I came into some work and a trip and read a few other books for possible reviews and interviews before getting to 5. Golly, Rowling lovers her non-expository silly dialogue, doesn’t she? In book 1, which has to introduce every single character before getting to Hogwarts, we’re at school by page 100… in 5 I think it took 220 pages to get there. Also, someone needs to make a “phantom edit” of these books and slice out the house elves guff.