Sophist’s World

I’m heading to New Hampshire for a story next weekend, and since I expected to encounter some crazy people, my googling naturally took me to the Larouchies. This story from the official LaRouche organ, relating to their crash of a Nader 2004 event, is awesome.

At this point, LYM member Nick Walsh couldn’t take the lies any longer. He stood up and confronted the synarchist’s lies:

“You put Gorgias to shame,” he said. “Your sophism is what Plato documented to have destroyed Athens. It’s these clever lies and manipulative psychological tricks that the Sophists used to destroy Athens—and you know what I’m talking about.”

As Walsh was speaking, Camejo’s two spokesmen from the podium came down, along with another goon, to surround him. After a slight nervous hesitation, Camejo theatrically jumped up and started yelling, “Take him out! Drag him out!”

The goons, led by Dedric Muhammad, then assaulted Walsh, who tried to sit down on the floor in passive resistance. The assaulters strangled him in a choke-hold that cut off his breathing for several seconds. Walsh’s arms were gashed and scratched. They then dragged him outside the meeting room, and began to kick and pummel him. The beating would have proceeded if another LYM member had not interfered to stop them.

Later in the story…

What the Nader-Camejo team is discovering is that their slimy operation does not work so well, when the LYM is around. Camejo himself is touring campuses throughout the United States, hoping to dupe youth with his cynical lies. The previous week he was at the University of California at Berkeley, where he was also confronted by an LYM team, which dramatized the Naderites’ commitment to depopulation by bringing along a hooded creature called Death.

God bless you merry lunatics.