Would it dent your enjoyment of Once, the beautiful Irish movie that, if seen on a date, will get you instantly laid, if I point out that it’s a jukebox musical? Glen Hansard, who plays “the guy,” is an established musician and the force behind The Frames, and “the girl” is Marketa Irglova, who collaborated with Hansard on last year’s perfect album The Swell Season. “Falling Slowly,” the haunting song they sing together in the piano store, is from that record. A few of the other songs are from Hansard’s previous albums.

So the movie’s a bit of a promotional tool – a device to get you checking out The Frames. It should work, by the way. After I saw the film I rushed home and downloaded “Falling Slowly” and set about ordering some of the other albums. Hansard is a Cat Stevens with the childlike fantasy and bile replaced by weary romanticism.