About that concert

I wrote most of this before, and it was nuked by one of those Firefox crashes that happen from time to time. Save your blog posts, kids.

For the most part, it was an excellent show. Sloan’s last record was Never Hear the End of It, a nudge-nudge title for an album of 30 songs written, sung, and played by different assortments of the band. The drummer plays rhythm guitar, the rhythm guitarist plays bass, the bassist plays drums. Drummer Andrew Scott, unfortunately, is a weak singer and a merely okay songwriter, and he got far too much time at the mic. But the shambolic “let’s point on a show”-ness of the set worked for the rest of the night. Chris Murphy sang a line from “The Spirit of Radio,” the encore started with a “mini-jukebox” of Patrick and Chris singing short bits of songs they hadn’t played yet.