To: Spammers

I’m confused. Why bother attacking This isn’t a rhetorical question. Let’s run it down:

– The blog is infrequently updated.
– For that reason, it is only very rarely linked to.
– Its owner is making no effort to publicize the blog. As he has said, multiple times, it’s really an outlet for ideas too half-baked for his magazine’s blog or as therapy for his occasional tussles with the black dog. (Look it up.)
– The comments are never published. The version of wordpress this blog runs on has a sticky, byzantine backend that, after some tweaking, sends every comment into a sort of Phantom Zone, where they are deleted en masse by me.

So, what’s up? And what’s with the deluge of 200 or so spam comments this last 48 hours? Talk to me.*

*This is facetious.