How Now Har Mar?

I would very much like to own the single mix of Har Mar Superstar’s “EZ Pass,” the video of which can be seen here. If you’ve ever made a trip up the Mid-Atlantic section of I-95, there’s immense appeal to a song with the chorus: “Cash, cash, EZ Pass/I’m gonna ride that tunnel til’ the babies hatch.” Problem: I can’t find the song. ITunes doesn’t have it, and it doesn’t appear on any of his albums. There’s a 3-song EP that contains it, but it’s like $13 when you factor in S&H. How to get this song?

Also, any resemblance between HMS’s dance moves and my own is purely intentional.


I need to unload something: The way I behave in bars (not “singles bars,” just any bars).

1) See girl I sort of like.
2) Circle around her, almost about to say something.
3) Realize I’ve circled around her without saying anything and now probably seem creepy.
4) Depart.

What I really despise about this behavior is how mundane it is. Really, who isn’t awkward when trying to strike up conversations with the opposite sex? As weird as I am, can’t I be weird about that and maybe subtract out the nervousness that grips you normal, well-adjusted folk?

I choose to interpret this as my subconscious preventing me from building relationships I am – still! – not ready for.

Hm, bleak. Have a nice Sunday!

To: Spammers

I’m confused. Why bother attacking This isn’t a rhetorical question. Let’s run it down:

– The blog is infrequently updated.
– For that reason, it is only very rarely linked to.
– Its owner is making no effort to publicize the blog. As he has said, multiple times, it’s really an outlet for ideas too half-baked for his magazine’s blog or as therapy for his occasional tussles with the black dog. (Look it up.)
– The comments are never published. The version of wordpress this blog runs on has a sticky, byzantine backend that, after some tweaking, sends every comment into a sort of Phantom Zone, where they are deleted en masse by me.

So, what’s up? And what’s with the deluge of 200 or so spam comments this last 48 hours? Talk to me.*

*This is facetious.

American trilogy

Pick up the new (May 7) issue of the American Conservative and you’ll find my article “From Myspace to Nospace” about the e-campaigns of the second-tier GOP prez candidates. Am I stoked to publish in AmCon? Yes. It’s probably my favorite non-Reason political magazine, and it’s the third peg in my great American trilogy of articles, having previously written for the American Spectator and American Prospect. And when I dig my head out of the political ghetto for a couple days, I plan on pitching to the American.

Humble prediction

Niki Tsongas will easily defeat Jim Ogonowski. I know this because Democrats have been winning special elections rather easily since the midterms – this month they took the seat of Delaware’s retiring GOP majority leader (in the state House) and an Orlando-area state House seat. I follow this crap not because I’m pedantic* but because I’m genuinely curious as to whether the Democrats’ popularity or momentum is actually flagging. It really isn’t. The president and the war are incredibly unpopular and will be until the (I’m guessing) the Obama inaugural.

*I, however, am

For the record

I have a liter bottle of water that I fill up 4-5 times a day at the office, and a big Spider-Man 3 Slurpee cup* that I fill up 4-5 times at home. I drink about 4 cups of coffee a day and a liter of diet coke. When I’m at a restaurant with free refills, I have 3-4 diet cokes. This is partly because the liquids give me little respites during the workday – doo dee doo, time to piddle around in the kitchen – and partly because of social nervousness.

*because I fucking rule