Sorry, criminals

I’m pouting about this for no reason, so let me just blog the retelling – the weekend before we moved from the old house, I drove to a friend’s party, locking the door to the the backyard on my way out. Or so I thought! It so happened that this was my last experience with our dodgy back door, which had been bent at the hinge after one party. It was very, very hard to close – doing so involved pushing the door in and twisting a key that had been bent by the pressure of doing this a bunch of times. You know the ending. It turns out I had locked up but the door wasn’t pushed all the way in. During the night it cracked open, and some thief snuck in and grabbed a few bags he saw lying around. I awoke on Sunday to the cries of “DAAAVE! The door’s unlocked!” which I will hopefully never hear again.

So what was in the bags? One was Kerry’s, and contained a top she’d bought in South Africa. The other was mine, and contained three DVDs I’d brought back from watching at a friend’s house but hadn’t reshelved. “No problem,” I thought. “I can replace the DVDs.” Punchline – one of them is out of print. I purchased a replacement on eBay about a week ago, so that’s the source of the pouting… getting distracted, hoping the Australian dude who sold it to me is on the ball. It’s tempered by the fact that we’re in a new house with working doors and good security. So, sorry, criminals! No more hundred-dollar hauls from DW!

The point of this digression: I agree with Matt. The next asshole who tries to steal from me – and he will be the fourth in D.C. – really deserves to have his knees blown off.