My God, all the stereotypes are true: This is California with rednecks. It took a whopping 10 minutes of perambulating to pass a trailer park being visited by a cop, rousting flip-flop-clad women with stringy hair and burly men with keg guts sitting atop workout shorts. Also got to see white girls dance to “Shake That Ass” by Splack Pack, which closes out a chapter in the DW dreambook.
I also notice that the local affiliates delay Meet the Press for cartoons.

The Outsiders II: Socs vs. Furries

What the…?

The Puppy Sister is a short juvenile novel written by S.E. Hinton and published in 1995. The story revolves around Aleasha, a tricolor Australian Shepherd puppy who realizes that the only way to really feel like a member of her new family is to become human. Aleasha begins a gradual, physical transformation from puppy to human child, trying to get used to both her new outward appearance as well as the struggle to actually feel more human.

Bold predictions

Googling around for Hugh Hewitt interviews (I’m reviewing his new book) and I find this:

The lefty blogs are like lead pipes, poisoning the information they serve up to the Democrats. Just this morning Kos was touting the Democratic candidate running against J.D. Hayworth in Arizona’s 5th. I hope that the KosKids run off and contribute a bunch of their limited resources to a doomed candidate, just as they did in California’s 50th.

That would be former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

Obviously anyone who bet lots of money on the GOP in 2006 wound up broke; this is just an amusing, vintage example of that hubris.

Sorry, criminals

I’m pouting about this for no reason, so let me just blog the retelling – the weekend before we moved from the old house, I drove to a friend’s party, locking the door to the the backyard on my way out. Or so I thought! It so happened that this was my last experience with our dodgy back door, which had been bent at the hinge after one party. It was very, very hard to close – doing so involved pushing the door in and twisting a key that had been bent by the pressure of doing this a bunch of times. You know the ending. It turns out I had locked up but the door wasn’t pushed all the way in. During the night it cracked open, and some thief snuck in and grabbed a few bags he saw lying around. I awoke on Sunday to the cries of “DAAAVE! The door’s unlocked!” which I will hopefully never hear again.

So what was in the bags? One was Kerry’s, and contained a top she’d bought in South Africa. The other was mine, and contained three DVDs I’d brought back from watching at a friend’s house but hadn’t reshelved. “No problem,” I thought. “I can replace the DVDs.” Punchline – one of them is out of print. I purchased a replacement on eBay about a week ago, so that’s the source of the pouting… getting distracted, hoping the Australian dude who sold it to me is on the ball. It’s tempered by the fact that we’re in a new house with working doors and good security. So, sorry, criminals! No more hundred-dollar hauls from DW!

The point of this digression: I agree with Matt. The next asshole who tries to steal from me – and he will be the fourth in D.C. – really deserves to have his knees blown off.

Can’t win ’em all

Bad news from last night: “Serpentor Commands It!” (nominated for team name over my own “Xerxes is My Co-Pilot”) failed to win Wonderland’s trivia competition. We failed to make the top 3, albeit narrowly. The culprit: A final round of … sports trivia. Once the hosts declared we would be naming “team name changes,” we knew the jig was up.

The game that preceded this, however, was pretty exciting. We flubbed a few rounds (I forgot that “Pour Some Sugar On Me” came out a year after the Hysteria album), started coming back strong, but were still 4 points down. And then the hosts passed out a sheet of places and a list of songs. We were to match the songs to the bands who took their names from those places. Upon seeing this, I laughed a throaty laugh worthy of Ming the Merciless himself. Naturally, we (by which I mean I) went 10 for 10 on that round, and were thrown back into contention for first place. But the sports round killed us.

No hard feelings. Sometime in the next month or so, our team will be hosting the trivia game, and that will be fun.


Somebody explain why at work my laptop can send and receive e-mails from my dave@daveweigel.com address, and at home it can only receive those e-mails. E-mail me at the gmail account, obviously.

True musical facts!

“Ambient 2” by Brian Eno is an excellent record to listen to if you’ve just left delicious Indian leftovers at a coffee shop and you need to chill out. Hey, here’s a party shuffle.

1) Rufus Wainwright, “Chelsea Hotel #2”
2) Goodie Mob, “Blood”
3) The Posies, “Every Bitter Drop”
4) The B-52’s, “52 Girls”
5) Meat Puppets, “Swimming Ground”
6) Mission of Burma, “Careening With Conviction”
7) Marshall Crenshaw, “Lesson Number One”
8) Pete Townshend, “The Sea Refuses No River”
9) Jill Sobule, “Happy Town”
10) The Association, “Never My Love”

300: The allegory

I think I’ve got this straight.

Sparta = Israel.
Leonidas = Ariel Sharon.
Dilios = Marty Peretz.
Xerxes = Mahmoud Ahmedinijad.
Xerxes’ bad negotiators = Hamas.
The Arcadians = USA!
The leprous priest guys = the UN.
Officer McNulty = France?
The giant troll guy = Saddam.
The Immortals = the Republican Guard.