For the record…

… while the week’s “Democrats in disarray” storyline applied to their ridiculous dive over DC voting rights, didn’t the passage of the Iraq supplemental show that they’re, uh, not in disarray? Don Surber’s backflip over this stuff was probably the most acrobatic. Before the vote:

Nancy Pelosi lost control of the House last week when she got in a catfight with Maxine Waters behind closed doors in the Democratic caucus over the Iraq war.

Pelosi and the rest of her Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Leadership team are trying to starve the troops out of Iraq in a move that certainly brings smiles to our enemy.

But many Democrats won’t support. Either they are anti-war crazies like Waters or people who oppose the war but support the troops like Jim Marshall, D-Ga. He won’t vote for a strings-laden Iraq War budget bill even if it is loaded with pork like $43 million for peanut farmers in his and other districts.

Tip O’Neill would have sat on Marshall. Not so a lightweight like Pelosi.

So Pelosi pulls together the votes – giving Marshall room to vote against by, for example, getting every freshman Democrat to vote for. Surber:

Do not be alarmed. Today’s vote was a bone thrown to the boneheads at Kos and the rest of the Netroots crowd. I encourage Code Pink and the rest of the activists to celebrate — burn a soldier or two in effigy. Knock yourselves out.

It’s not going to pass! Hey, it passed. It only passed because you people are fucktards!

Sigh. Just because Bush is reduced to bitching and stamping his feet doesn’t mean the entire Right has to follow his lead.