We Want No Kings

Jonah Goldberg is right:

Odds are Bill Sammon is simply having some fun with  this story, but you’d think the Dems he talked to would work a little harder to quash the idea of filling Hillary’s Senate seat with her husband.  It’s undoubtedly true that Bill would love the Senate boy’s club. But is it really the case that a President Hillary wouldn’t satisfy the public’s appetite for all things Clinton? Do they really think that we’d need another Senator Clinton too? Also, the idea feeds the idea that the party and the country really are playthings for the enjoyment of the Clintons. Hillary already has an arrogance problem and this doesn’t alleviate it.

Yes. I don’t want Hillary to be president for multiple reasons, but this purely procedural reason keeps climbing to the top of the pile. I just don’t like the idea of two families running the country, especially since the natural rule of presidential forgiveness – the way voters remember every president better and better as the years since his retirement lengthen – will inspire a strong “Draft Jeb!” movement in 2012 or 2016.

There’s got to be a reason for my angst apart from generic bad feeling, right? Well, I’d like to think that it’s a bad thing that these families will hire most of the same people every time they win back the White House. The Bush allies will spend a few years at AEI, then cycle back in; the Clinton allies will take on some university jobs, etc. But the last times we had an entirely new group of people take power were generally pretty bad scenes – the 1977 Carter takeover and the 1993 Clinton takeover. (The 1981 Reagan administration was a mix of his longtime allies and some thawed out Nixonians.) So it really might just be that I don’t like faux dynasties.