Hm. Actually, a pretty representative party shuffle.

1) Visage – Fade to Gray
2) Serge Gainsbourg – Ballade De Melody Nelson
3) Talking Heads – City of Dreams
4) Adrian Belew – Ballet For A Blue Whale
5) Pete Droge – Straylin Street
6) Richard Harris – Didn’t We
7) Japan – Cantonese Boy
8) Split Enz – Nobody Takes Me Seriously
9) My Bloody Valentine – Only Shallow
10) Maria McKee – Appalachian Boy

Apologies for the sucking

I skipped an apparently awesome DCist event last night, and I can’t promise I won’t skip more stuff in the immediate future. But it’s not because I dislike you! Reasons:

– I am deathly afraid of slipping on ice. I did it twice in 2004, the second time screwing up my back for about three weeks. So as long as the ground is white and frozen I’m skittish about going out and drinking.
– My poor diet is catching up with me, and I keep lapsing in and out of colds. I think I had prevented them for a while with multivitamins, but I had a few days of meal bars+beer+quesedillas and I think the viruses saw a mark and went for it.
– Huge, world-conquering pimple on my face. Almost boilish in its dimensions.

Leavin’ it

Tell me if this is weird. When I’m standing on line for something, and it’s taking ages for the cashier fellow to sit down and finish the transaction, I leave the money on the counter and split. Just now I bought some dinner, and was really damn hungry, and while I held the to-go bag the cashier flitted up and down the counter dealing with other customers. My meal was $7.15 before tax, so I did some crude math and left $8 on the counter, and left.

Is this… acceptable, for you other humans?

Swing and a miss


The Obama honeymoon seems to be over . . . .

The evidence for this is that an editor for the Boston Herald doesn’t think he apologized for saying the lives of 19 year olds snuffed out in Iraq were wasted. As opposed to, you know, rich and well-lived. The Boston Herald, mind. And an editor who wrote this. Clearly, he was this close to being won over to Obamania!

It’s like I keep saying; these debates are academic. If we’ve still got 120,000 to 150,000 troops in Iraq by November 2008 Obama (or any Democrat) could punch a soldier in the face and win the presidency. If we’re drawing the numbers down, any of the first-tier Republicans can win. That’s it. This whole mau-mauing didn’t even scratch Obama… unless by November 2008 we’re obviously winning. If we’ve obviously lost the war, Obama will get credit for recognizing that thousands of lives were squandered for a heap of shit.