It pleases me to be the first!

No one else is blogging it, so let me announce that “Nobody Summons Megatron!” – a collective composed of Ezra Klein, Megan McArdle, Julian Sanchez, Brian Beutler, and myself – dominated Wonderland’s trivia contest last night. Out of a possible 70 points (and a few bonus questions), we scored 65. And it would have been higher if I hadn’t been convinced that Barry Goldwater never speculated about the government’s cover-up of UFO sightings, or if any of us remembered that the tourists in Jurassic Park ate Chilean sea bass, which makes sense, and not pirhanas, which makes no sense. Our finest hour came in a round where contestants were handed a sheet of “dicks,” and told to name them, plus a bonus “cock.” We named all 10 – Philip K. Dick, the Mason-Dixon Line, Nordic Trac, etc. – and nailed the bonus, which was some science thing that Brian knew.

I’m hopeful that the secret to our success was not my long, untamed, Samson-like hair, because that’s getting mowed today.