Arcade Memories and Caviar Dreams

They’re on SNL tonight and Matt has tickets to a DC show and here’s my thing with the Arcade Fire: I know one of the guys in it. Will Butler, multi-instrumentalist and younger brother of Win Butler, was a year behind me at Northwestern. I dated a girl for about three months who had a very cool friend named Will who acted in student films and played in goofy bands like Sandpiper Air, named after the airport in “Wings.” They dressed like flight attendents and played covers and threw peanuts out to the audience; they, of course, won a battle of the bands to play at our 2003 Dance Marathon.

Like I said, I only dated Will’s friend for a few months, but before we broke up* we were walking up to her house and Will rolled up in a van. He and some band had just gotten back from Montreal. This seemed pretty cool. And it was; the fucking Arcade Fire were in that van.

I didn’t keep up with Will apres l’affaire and I’ve never tried to pump him for tickets or backstage entry or anything; honestly, if the memory of performing with David Bowie didn’t shove the memory of hanging out with me right out of his head, I’d be pretty ashamed of him. I’m just really, really proud of his success – Will’s exactly the kind of gregarious, art-for-art’s-sake kind of guy you hope succeeds. I’m pretty satisfied listening to the band’s records and knowing this guy is on them.

UPDATE: Holy shit: Sandpiper Air still exists! They ditched the joke name for “Citizens on Patrol.” Related issue: I also hope NU alum Alex Thomas gets famous.
*Not being coy: I was dumped.