Apologies for the sucking

I skipped an apparently awesome DCist event last night, and I can’t promise I won’t skip more stuff in the immediate future. But it’s not because I dislike you! Reasons:

– I am deathly afraid of slipping on ice. I did it twice in 2004, the second time screwing up my back for about three weeks. So as long as the ground is white and frozen I’m skittish about going out and drinking.
– My poor diet is catching up with me, and I keep lapsing in and out of colds. I think I had prevented them for a while with multivitamins, but I had a few days of meal bars+beer+quesedillas and I think the viruses saw a mark and went for it.
– Huge, world-conquering pimple on my face. Almost boilish in its dimensions.

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