Riehling the news at you

Dan Riehl understands that the way to get Instalinks is to assert, without any evidence whatsoever, that Republicans are gearin’ for a badass victory.

There are two weeks to go until the election and the Dems are further away from having a house in Congress than they were last week. The Senate may already have slipped away and I still say Santorum isn’t going out without some kind of late major play against Casey – and he is closing, at that.

Indeed, he’s closing to… wait, he’s 10 points down from the guy he was supposed to have put away in the debates. Everyone in Pennsylvania knows Santorum lost the race when his Green party golem was scraped off the ballot.

I’m not just wasting time looking at dumb blogs. I’m actually doing some research for a Reason online piece for next week. Plus, it’s a big shot to your ego when you realize that to better the political writing in the blogosphere, you merely have to avoid covering your ears and ears and shouting “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU! FOUR MORE YEARS!”