Important questions!

Is it possible that John Hinderaker deliberately delayed disclosure of Foley’s transgressions, thereby endangering the security of current Congressional pages and other teenage boys, solely to advance his party’s own political interests? One would certainly hope not. But it is obviously a question that needs to be investigated and answered.

See? That question is about as legitimate as the yellow-blogalism the Hindster is slinging over at his blog. It should be abundantly clear that the Republicans – Patrick McHenry et al- who sent concerned letters to Democrats, asking them to go under oath, are trying to muddy the waters of the Foley scandal. They obviously have no evidence – in fact, the evidence contradicts them. They’re terrible bluffers, which reminds me: I really should play poker with the Powerline guys some day. I could use the cash.

It’s all too much

So, has anyone else pointed out that Dennis Hastert’s career as Speaker will have begun, and ended, with the genital antics of his Republican colleagues?

I’m enjoying watching the coverage of Hastert’s press conference. A Emperor-clothes moment – reporters stepping nimbly to avoid discussing how the man third in line for the presidency is a mumbly simpleton.

People Power, Star Power

I’m idly watching the Maryland Senate race and noticed a stark contrast between the candidates’ two new ads. Starker than usual, I mean.

Check out Ben Cardin’s ad. He walks into a crowded surburban living room and rattles off some boilerplate about how George Bush and Michael Steele suck. When he’s done, everyone applauds. Message: I may be boring, but I’m a man of the people.

Now check out Michael Steele’s. This is the fourth ad (I think) he’s shot inside a bright grey studio, with props – last time it was a dog, this time it’s a trash can. He talks to the camera instead of an audience, and his tone is conversational instead of speechifying (“And then came the personal smears. You know the type.”). No one applauds at the end, except for you, so starstruck are you by the candidate’s ballsy charisma. Message: Women want me, men want to be me.