Ken Blackwell(‘s career), R.I.P.

I’ve been hearing for years now that Ken Blackwell was the kind of libertarian-minded Republican I should root for. And then he pulls this crap.

Ken Blackwell’s gubernatorial campaign today distributed harsh comments by radio talk show host Bill Cunningham related to Ted Strickland’s sexuality and about a former campaign aide arrested in 1994 for public indecency.

In a news statement emailed to Statehouse reporters, the campaign reprinted a transcript from Wednesday night’s Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes television show. The show’s co-host, Sean Hannity, is a Blackwell supporter, who will be in Blue Ash for a Blackwell rally today. They also sent out a digital video version.

Carlo LoParo, Blackwell’s campaign spokesman, said the campaign has no qualms about alerting the media to the Fox program.

“The fact that this issue is being covered in the national media is of importance… It’s an issue that is gaining national interest in light of the current scandals in the Capitol regarding Congressman Mark Foley and what the leadership knew about those activities,” he said.

Blackwell’s going to lose anyway, and this is how he wants to write his swan song? I’m embarrassed for the conservatives and libertarians who ever supported this warm bucket of scum.

UPDATE: Idly checking out the Ohio TV stations’ websites, I don’t see any mention of Blackwell’s attack other than reporting of the fourth debate, when he made the charge. Cincinatti’s paper, which is generally conservative, is reporting it… but it’s the only paper doing so. And yet I’ve got FOX on, and Sean Hannity informs me “a scandal is breaking tonight in Ohio.” And Hannity, coincidentally, is campaigning for Blackwell.

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