If John Hinderaker didn’t exist, we would have to invent him

Quoth the hack:

The [Mark] Kennedy campaign has just finished its latest round of polling, and the new ad, combined with Kennedy’s matchless work ethic and the Republican resurgence that we are seeing over most of the country, has sliced Democrat Amy Klobuchar’s lead in half.

The Republican resurgence! The one that’s got the party cutting and running from Ohio, fighting like dogs for a safe Republican seat in Idaho, and… oh, yeah, and giving up on Minnesota weeks ago. Kennedy’s John Mark Karr ad ain’t gonna do beanbag for his campaign. But thank the God of his choice he’s got Hinderaker on his side. That guy’ll buy anything.

I’m constantly confused by bloggers who think they can win elections by closing their eyes and wishing really hard. Daily Kos two years ago, Powerline this year.