Dude, Where’s My Etc?

My house was robbed last night. At 2:45 a.m., someone set a small, controlled fire on the curb outside our neighbor’s house. Sometime after that, a thief entered our back door and made away with my iPod, my roommate’s iPod, and my other roommate’s computer, digital recorders, and wallet.

It’s not that there’s any upside to this. I had wanted to replace my iPod next year sometime, but not like this. My roommate has lost untold hours of work. But I’m finding that events like this serve as a kind of cleanser, scrubbing away all of our other worries and neuroses. Twenty-four hours ago I was a ball of stress and panic, fretting about deadlines, girls, diet, and the location of various things around the house. Right now I just want to be thankful I lost one $300 item, and to help out my roommates. It’s a mood I want to keep up for as long as possible.