If John Hinderaker didn’t exist, we would have to invent him

Quoth the hack:

The [Mark] Kennedy campaign has just finished its latest round of polling, and the new ad, combined with Kennedy’s matchless work ethic and the Republican resurgence that we are seeing over most of the country, has sliced Democrat Amy Klobuchar’s lead in half.

The Republican resurgence! The one that’s got the party cutting and running from Ohio, fighting like dogs for a safe Republican seat in Idaho, and… oh, yeah, and giving up on Minnesota weeks ago. Kennedy’s John Mark Karr ad ain’t gonna do beanbag for his campaign. But thank the God of his choice he’s got Hinderaker on his side. That guy’ll buy anything.

I’m constantly confused by bloggers who think they can win elections by closing their eyes and wishing really hard. Daily Kos two years ago, Powerline this year.

Riehling the news at you

Dan Riehl understands that the way to get Instalinks is to assert, without any evidence whatsoever, that Republicans are gearin’ for a badass victory.

There are two weeks to go until the election and the Dems are further away from having a house in Congress than they were last week. The Senate may already have slipped away and I still say Santorum isn’t going out without some kind of late major play against Casey – and he is closing, at that.

Indeed, he’s closing to… wait, he’s 10 points down from the guy he was supposed to have put away in the debates. Everyone in Pennsylvania knows Santorum lost the race when his Green party golem was scraped off the ballot.

I’m not just wasting time looking at dumb blogs. I’m actually doing some research for a Reason online piece for next week. Plus, it’s a big shot to your ego when you realize that to better the political writing in the blogosphere, you merely have to avoid covering your ears and ears and shouting “LA LA LA I CAN’T HEAR YOU! FOUR MORE YEARS!”

Ken Blackwell(‘s career), R.I.P.

I’ve been hearing for years now that Ken Blackwell was the kind of libertarian-minded Republican I should root for. And then he pulls this crap.

Ken Blackwell’s gubernatorial campaign today distributed harsh comments by radio talk show host Bill Cunningham related to Ted Strickland’s sexuality and about a former campaign aide arrested in 1994 for public indecency.

In a news statement emailed to Statehouse reporters, the campaign reprinted a transcript from Wednesday night’s Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes television show. The show’s co-host, Sean Hannity, is a Blackwell supporter, who will be in Blue Ash for a Blackwell rally today. They also sent out a digital video version.

Carlo LoParo, Blackwell’s campaign spokesman, said the campaign has no qualms about alerting the media to the Fox program.

“The fact that this issue is being covered in the national media is of importance… It’s an issue that is gaining national interest in light of the current scandals in the Capitol regarding Congressman Mark Foley and what the leadership knew about those activities,” he said.

Blackwell’s going to lose anyway, and this is how he wants to write his swan song? I’m embarrassed for the conservatives and libertarians who ever supported this warm bucket of scum.

UPDATE: Idly checking out the Ohio TV stations’ websites, I don’t see any mention of Blackwell’s attack other than reporting of the fourth debate, when he made the charge. Cincinatti’s paper, which is generally conservative, is reporting it… but it’s the only paper doing so. And yet I’ve got FOX on, and Sean Hannity informs me “a scandal is breaking tonight in Ohio.” And Hannity, coincidentally, is campaigning for Blackwell.

Gonna fly now

Hey, Pennpatriot:

Casey lost his cool and engaged Santorum toe to toe in the center of the ring so to speak. You guessed it. Santorum TKOed Casey in the first round.

You don’t TKO in the first round. You KO in the first round. You TKO if the referee stops the fight, or if the fight is over and you need to determine a winner. Better sports metaphors, please.

For a good time, check out KLO’s hallucinatory blogging on the Casey-Santorum debate. Sure, when Al Gore sighed and acted like a dick around George Bush, it was a blunder that killed his candidacy. But when Santorum does it to Casey? He’s a fighter. And everybody loves a fighter!

Dude, Where’s My Etc?

My house was robbed last night. At 2:45 a.m., someone set a small, controlled fire on the curb outside our neighbor’s house. Sometime after that, a thief entered our back door and made away with my iPod, my roommate’s iPod, and my other roommate’s computer, digital recorders, and wallet.

It’s not that there’s any upside to this. I had wanted to replace my iPod next year sometime, but not like this. My roommate has lost untold hours of work. But I’m finding that events like this serve as a kind of cleanser, scrubbing away all of our other worries and neuroses. Twenty-four hours ago I was a ball of stress and panic, fretting about deadlines, girls, diet, and the location of various things around the house. Right now I just want to be thankful I lost one $300 item, and to help out my roommates. It’s a mood I want to keep up for as long as possible.

The Time is now

I’ve got a new article up at Time magazine’s website about the media and George Allen.

Stephen Colbert, as usual, was the only pundit with the balls to tell the truth. When he booked former Navy Secretary James Webb on his satirical talk show six months ago, Colbert puzzled over how an award-winning author would fare in Virginia’s U.S. Senate race.

“If you win this [Democratic] primary, you go up against George Allen, right?”

“Yes,” Webb said, his already-uncomfortable expression shifting from grit to grimace.

“Who I understand,” continued Colbert, “and I think this is a positive, is dumb as a post.”

And so on.


Dan Savage writes:

To say I’m proud of what we’ve done to Rick Santorum—my readers and I—is putting it mildly. I don’t like to brag, so I’ll quote Wonkette on our efforts: “No one has done more to ruin Sen. Rick Santorum’s good name than sex columnist Dan Savage … with the possible exception of Sen. Rick Santorum.”

For the record, the “Wonkette” who said that was me.