Very Good Year

I think we can all agree that 2005-2006 was the most successful year in Weigel history. To recap:

– semi-successful stint as freelancer
– loss of 40 pounds (followed by addition of 10 points, followed by loss of 5)
– hiring at Reason magazine
– guest-stints at Wonkette and Andrew Sullivan’s blog
– move into Washington, DC
– avoidance of venereal diseases

If there were any problems, they were entirely due to my own mania – constant worrying, stress-related digestive difficulties. I got marginally better at keeping track of things, although I still make at least six costly mistakes (costly is a relative term – we’re talking blowing $50 on a jersey that doesn’t fit right, $7 losing a set of stamps, $15 paying for a woman’s meal) per week.

To wrap it up with a trite observation: If I can supplant my hours of worry with hours of philosophic contemplation, I’m fucking aces.

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