The Lowry Test

Today’s Meet the Press debate between Sen. George Allen and former Navy Secretary James Webb wasn’t quite the rout Dean Barnett claims, but Webb clearly won it – when Allen started blubbering about “evidentiary items” (is that a fancy way of saying “facts”?), I nearly felt sorry for him. And it reminded me of something. Liberal bloggers like to make fun of National Review Editor Rich Lowry for his 2005 cover story on Iraq, “We’re Winning.” In 2005, Lowry also authored this story:

If you can’t read the text below the title, it says: “Sen. George Allen, first-string presidential talent out of Virginia.”

This cover, combined with the experience of the “We’re Winning” cover, has inspired me to draft the Lowry Test.

If Rich Lowry believes something will happen, it will, in fact, not happen.

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