The Late, Great Golden State*

I arrived safely at Norman Mineta International Airport on Wednesday night, whereupon Rich Bunnell and his mighty Thunderbird picked me up and spirited me to the Peoples’ Republic of Berkeley. I know the “ooh, Berkeley! Lefty!” cliche is older and sadder than Mary (from Peter, Paul and), but this time there I saw more barefoot hippies and Phil Angelides stickers than a man should ever see. Thursday was spent with Rich and the incredible Mike DeFabio and Rich’s friends David, Nate, and Brad.

It took til Friday for everything to go pear-shaped. There was a late-breaking Reason crisis which I fixed, and then discovered I hadn’t fixed (too long to go into here), a meeting in San Francisco delayed by 2 hours, then a rental car pick-up delayed by 3 hours. Arriving at my hotel for CJ and Jamie’s wedding, I found that the promised wireless internet access was down. I also found that my suit pants were the wrong size. (I’ve lost around 4 inches around my waist recently, and I had grabbed the 40”s instead of the 36”s.) A trip to Target corrected the pants situation, and a trip to Borders (where I am now) fixed the wireless situation, but now there’s the matter of my car’s weirdly dysfunctional GPS. Oh, well. At least I found the second season DVD of “Battlestar Galactica” for $25.

You mean this is only season 2 part 1? Sumbitch.

*musical reference here

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